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For Your Precious Love Chords

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For Your Precious Love chords
The Impressions 1958 (Arthur Brooks, Richard Brooks & Jerry Butler)**

C Am F G C

    C                  Am              F
For your precious love means more to me
         G               C  G*
Than any love could ever be.
         C             Am
For when I wanted you,
I was so lonely and so blue,
    G                     C  G*
For that's what love will do
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And darling, I'm so surprised,
Oh, When I first realized
     F        G       C   G
That you were fooling me.
    C                          Am              F
And darling, they say that our love won't grow.
                            G                C    G* 
But I just want to tell them that they don't know.
       C                 Am
For as long as you're in love with me,
C                  F
Our love will grow wider,
G               C   G*
Deeper than any sea.

    C                     Am
And all the things that I want,

In this whole wide world, is
F               G                     C    G*
Just for you to say that you'll be my girl.
    C           Am          F           
And do, wanting you, I'm so lonely 
(That's what love) will do.

C Am F G   C

* optional for effect
** Alternate:

Capo III

C  = A
Am = F#m
F  = D
G  = E