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/ The following is the author's own interpretation of the song, to be used -
/ for studying or private use only, removal of any part of this ten line   -
/ header is illegal!!!  Removal of the transcribers name or anything       -
/ relevant to the transcriber is also illegal, as so is the removal of the -
/ place inwhich the tab was downloaded. Publishing as well as printing of  -
/ the tab is illegal without permission of the transcriber and copyright   -
/ owner of the song. Failure to apply to these laws result will in legal   -
/ action from the appropriate parties.                                     -
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				Coraxo by
				Impaled Nazarene
			From the Album Ugra Karma
This brilliant song is very simple.


This Riff is used a whole song.
Corrections to
Anyone have tablatures of Hecate Enthroned

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