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Girl Chords

Song: Girl
Artist: Immaculate Fools
Tabbed by: SpiderMan
Dedicated to: Madilyn

Intro: C-F-Am-Bb

Verse 1
  C             F
I just can't believe it, 
     Am              Bb
You were always on my mind
 C              F
I hope i can i forget it,
 Am                    Bb
And i wish that I was blind
 C                  F
But now that your with someone,
  Am                Bb
I can't believe its true
 C           F                 Am
It's really hurting, when i see you...

[ Tab from: ]
 C                 F
Girl, even though somebody 
 Am                Bb
I'm still here to love
 C                     F
Girl, i can hide this feeling
  Am            Bb       
That i feel for you... ohhh......
That i feel for you...

Verse 2
I can't accept the fact,
that youre with him right now 
 Am                 Bb
There's nothing i can do...

Repeat Refrain and Chorus....
Repeat Chorus again ( 2x )

Solo: C-F-Am-Bb

Outro: Am