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Dumb Poet Chords

Dumb Poet		-	 by Immaculate Fools

Tabbed by:	Phillip C. Hayes

Good song, arguably one of the easiest on the whole ‘Dumb Poet’ album to tab. Easy for a beginner guitar player, in that it helps teach moving from one chord to another especially on the Chorus, instead of those drab CD guitar lessons that have you playing one chord for 80 measures and calling that progress. As always, improvements are always welcome! ENJOY!


Cmaj7		C
Cadd9		C	Cmaj7

Main Chords:

Em	G	D	C
Em	G	C	D	(2x)

Em		         G
How do you keep up with your thoughts
D				   C
When they run through you like a train
Em	          G
How do you catch them
C	                 D
Slow them down again
C	    D
I tried to reach you
G		                   D
But you would not come down
G	         Am      C
You always fail in honesty
G	         Am            C
You always turn things around
G    Am      C	  Em    D
Dumb      poet,  dumb poet
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Em		         G
Come on give me an answer
D		       C
Let’s frame it on the wall
Em	                           G
Let’s all stand back and admire it
C	     D
Never let it fall
C	                   D
That thin thread of hope
G		               D
Is sometimes all that we have
G	         Am           C
So give me back my innocence
G	     Am   C
That’s all I ever had
G    Am      C	  Em    D
Dumb      poet,  dumb poet

Em		 G
I won’t kiss your tears
D	          C
Or keep you here with me
Em	       G
I will never falter
C	      D
I will be outside
C		D
I will make this promise
G		   D
I will never come down
G	         Am       C
If looks could kill, I’m ten times dead
G	          Am                C
But there’s no time for that now
G    Am      C	  Em    D
Dumb      poet,  dumb poet  (repeat 4x)
That’s all I’ll ever be

(intro chords to the end)