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Highway Chords

Title: Highway
Artist: Imago

       THis IS the NEw SOng OF Imago under their Album "Blush"
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  C#m          E
In the deep of the night
  A              B
I look over my shoulder
C#m          E
You look so fine
A spectacular sight
To feel you hold me close
And take my breath away
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A           C#m
You say you want me to decide
  B          E
Hit or miss, i cannot lie
A           C#m
But is this we have that completes me
  B          E
Adelaide, ababa

 A        E
Sometimes gotta give
 F#m        D
You say i gotta say it

[repeat Chorus]
A           C#m
Could you spare me a bit more time
B          E
Rest assured it will be just fine
A           C#m
Til i'm ready for my number
 F#m        D
So at least don't let me pretend

[repeat Refrain and Chorus]

[repeat Refrain and Chorus]