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4 Christmas Chords

Title      :	4 Christmas
Artist     :	Imago
Album      :	Sakto Sa Pasko

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Intro: G9-A-Bm 4x

 G9                  A           Bm 
Nobody's home, (But) Everybody's smiling

We were told of greens and gold

        A          Bm 
Stories, tales unfolding


 G9             A                   Bm
Now it's cold, I'll embrace you tighter

G9                              A        Bm
Get off that fear, Believe in the only thing that's real

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DM7         F#m                     
All I want is you (Be in my tunnel vision) 4x

4 Christmas

<>=---Repeat Intro--=<>

Can we stay and stare into
            A                Bm
Each other's gaze this day a new

Has all your love been drained for good
            A                Bm
Remember how blood was shed for you

<>=---Repeat Refrain--=<>

<>=---Repeat Chorus--=<>

Adlib: G9-A-Bm

Nobody's home. alone here I am smiling
I am told your love is bolder
And more of you keep shining

(Repeat chorus)

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