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Imagination Movers
Jump Up (Not Movers Music version)

If you figure out what the verse is email me:

The kids love this one.  I know that the verses are wrong, but my kids 
are only resting during the verses, they are waiting for the chorus to
start dancing.

I just strum once for each chord during the verse and let it ring for 
the measure (line).  The chorus strum pattern is quicker, I've tried 
to indicate my strumming pattern by the musical notes.

Verse Chords:             Chorus Chords:

C       Bb       A    |   G       C       D
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0       1        0    |   x       x       x
1       3        1    |   x       x       x
0       3        1    |   x       5       7
2       3        1    |   5       5       7
3       1        0    |   5       3       5
x       x        x    |   3       x       x

Verse 1
We had a problem but we figured it out (figured it out)
That's what the movers are all about (all about)
Everybody lets jump and shout (Come on!)


♩      ♫      ♩   ♩   ♫
G      C      G      D
                        Jump Up
G      C      G      D
                        Get Down
G      C      G      D
                        Stand up
G      C      G      D 
                        Turn around
G      C      G      D
Turn around Turn around Turn around

Verse 2
We're working hard and we're having fun
We celebrate when the day is done
We're one for all and all for one (Come on)

Repeat Chorus						

(Keep doing the turn around til the kids puke.)