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So uh.. they uploaded this song to youtube. 
As far as I know, it's not released yet. 
It's a song Johnny D, Will and Anthony wrote. 
The only version I've heard has only them in it, but hopefully it'll be on the 
next album because I'm loving this tune. 
The lyrics are probably not correct. 
I made them out the best I could.

A (Do it as a powerchord so you can add a G# with it.

Verse 1:
A               Bm                E
It's times like these I know just what my friends     A
are for.
A           Bm          E      A
Left behind but i'm not behind anymore
A           Bm              E             A
I'm getting up. I'm getting up till I get off.
A           Bm              E            A
Kicked em out and babe I'm sorry but get lost.
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Oh oh oh
A         Bm        E                  A
Sit at home, got no missed calls on my phone.
A        Bm          E                       A
that I need is right where they're sposed to be
A             Bm                 E      
And I wont be afraid cuz this is my bed I have 
           E           Bm         A 
And I wont sleep in it alone anymore..

Verse 2:
I'm lookin back at all those pictures of your face.
It wont take long for those pictures to be replaced.
Cuz you were a dream you were a dream till I woke up.
Baking hashbrowns with two eggs sunny side up.

Now do the chorus again, then hum the melody after that.

Do the chorus again without playing the chords.. just with the beat, and then one 
more time for the chorus.

Go Adam!