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Evil Knievil Chords

Ikey Mo – Evil Knievil

Tabbed by Clare,   rock_star_jammin@hotmail.com

       F#m        A        B       E         D

E        x          x         x        x         x    
B        x          x         x        x         x
G        x          6         x        9         7
D        4          7         9        9         7
A        4          7         9        7         5
E        2          5         7        7         5


F#m	    A

I believe that I can kill ya ..		{Repeat same chords for all verses}
F#m                 B      D

I look familiar you can see…………


A                       E	      F#m          D
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I’m willing and able……..


        A	       E         F#m          D	

Cause I’m Evil Knevil…………….

Verse 2

F#m	    A

Say all the thing left unspoken..		{Repeat same chords for all verses}

F#m                                   B      D

Leave no one unbroken……

Repeat Chorus

Well that’s about it! Simple, listen to the song for the strumming
This is an awesome song.

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v	you have any corrections
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v	 you think Ikey Mo are an awesome Australian band and you’d just like to write to me!


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