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Pumping For Jill         Iggy Pop      (J.Osterburg/I.Kral)     album: Party

Basically, the song is just E-B-A.   Intro too.

(Hint: any serious I.Pop fan has a copy of _Party_.  A Great record!)

E          B                  A
When I'm asleep, you touch my feet
E          B                  A
You let me know that I am no creep
E         B                     A
Because I love you, you are for real
E              B                  A
I'm gonna stay here - pumping for Jill

E   B   A       ( 2 x )

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/i/iggy_pop/pumping_for_jill_crd.html ]
E          B               A
In the gas station where I work
E        B                     A
Everyone treats me just like a jerk
E       B          A
Nobody offers me a tip
E              B                     A
I'm gonna stay here - pumping Jill's hips ...

Bridge :  C# / / /  B / Ab /  A / / /  F F# F F#
          C# / / /  B / Ab /  A / / /  B . . .

E         B            A
I met you at the Mardi Gras
E           B       A
On a French Quarter sidewalk
E        B                 A
When you kissed me, it was strong
E           B                A
I wonder if you'll hear this song

E              B            A
La da da da da da, da da da da    ( 4 x )


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