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Brick By Brick Chords

(Iggy Pop)

Intro: Dsus4-D, Dsus4-D, Dsus4-D, Dsus4-D

People are sad and I know why
With no chance to live before you die
     G                      C            G
You get pretty sick if you hafta keep it inside

Dsus4-D, Dsus4-D

I wanna build a house where an ad don't scream
I wanna leave in peace - quietly
   G                     C      G
I wanna have a place of love & safety

Dsus4-D, Dsus4-D

People oughta live how & where they want
People oughta have respect in front
 G                        C    G
People oughta get along pretty O.K.

Dsus4-D, Dsus4-D
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    Em         A
So get off my dick
     G            C    G   D
I'm building it brick by brick
  C    G   D
Brick by brick

I'm building a house where I can think
And have some balance and dignity
I'm building a house where no one can hurt me

I'm buidling a house where the weak are strong
I'm building a house with a real song
I'm using a faith that is immortal

I'm building it with simplicity
And the way that we feel, you and me
I'm building it with what I believe in

So get off my dick
'cause I'm building this
Brick by brick
Brick by brick
Brick by brick

         D          G
Now I'm looking at just a little time
So be it
I want to
 D       C
be true to my simple heart
     Em                    A
And not put nothing else above it

Tabbed by: ARIK
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