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Sunshine Chords

E (strum very openly)

Am                      C   
Sun yeah, the size of a beach ball
      D                                       E
the earth shall be the size of a sweet sweet pea
        Am          C          E            E7
let it be, as it goes, blow your nose
E                   Am
     yeah yeah yeah I hear yer
I hear yer calling
          D                                    E
electric lightning lights the night until the morning
             Am                 C         E          E7
I caught you stoned only everyday no way
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G    Em      Am     D
Ahhhhh       ahhhhhh

E    Am                          C
     Moon yeah, that turns the tides
         D                              E
on the ocean bed a starfish starts to slide
         Am                  C
into the sand the way it planned
          E         E7
right on time

                 Am               C
you can see the sunshine in the rain
      D                                    E
it's all been done before that's what she says
       Am                 C              E       E7
I can see you got the sunshine in the rain

and repeat........