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Give Till It Hurts Chords

[capo 3]

[spoken] Let us pray: Dear Beloved Father:
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   Am                 Asus4 Am  Asus2        Am
We know it's tough to make ends meet through troubled times
   G        Em                Am         G
as economic woes grow, bad to worse.
    Am              Asus4 Am  Asus2     Am
But call out to our family of treasured followers
   G               Em                Am
to make a pledge today, give 'til it hurts.
    C                             Dm                    F
Our coffers almost empty, but our flock stands faithful by
      F                                Em
as we set out to shave the needy and bereft.
         Am                Asus4/Am/Asus2 Am
Together we can fleece our willing congregation
    G             Em                      Am
and I can live on any small change that's left.
C                       G            Em
So, give 'til it hurts. Give 'til it hurts.
F                 Em           Am
Make a pledge and give 'til it hurts.

[spoken] That was today's speaker, the humble Reverend Gerald. Tune in
to the National Godspend Channel next week. Praise be to Him and HALLELUJAH.
Remember to keep those pledges coming in and - give 'til it hurts.