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Mercy Acoustic Chords

IamX - Mercy (version accoustique )

album: "Kiss & Swallowed"
Web: www.iamx.co.uk

Tabbed by: >>>--T!0ne3--> (tioneb_t1b@hotmail.com)
Tuning: E A D G B E

"accords trouvé depuis une verion accoustique de 'Mercy'
pr la tonalité , il faudra peut-etre un CAPO
( ma guitare n etant pas ds le bon ton..je vous laisse chercher..faut un capo au
dessus par rapport a 'your joy is my low')

En jouuant il faut altener Em-E*....Dsus-D...sans arret...écouter l originla pour savoir 

CAPO I   (i think...listen to album for right tune)

Guitar-part I

    Em E*     Dsus  D

Guitar-part II
    Am   C     Em

(Guitar-part I)
Em                                                                Dsus
mercy - when i melt in the kiss by the words and the whispers you sing me
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/i/i_am_x/mercy_acoustic_crd.html ]
Em                                                        Dsus
mercy - i'm frail in the kill by submission and will that you bring me

Em                                                        Dsus
mercy - when I'm nothing but ego you slap me to let go and sleep free
now I sleep free

(Guitar-part II)
you're my toybox and my memories
when I smell your skin you just make my whole world weep
Em               C  |
i'm at your feet    |(bis)
Em               C

(Guitar-part I)

mercy - when the grey turns to black and the wave's on my back you make me smile

mercy - it's the trauma and martyr you crush into pleasure and downtime

mercy - it's the shining of you that just breaks me in two like a lifeline you're my lifeline

(Guitar-part II)

i'm the idiot to your poetry when you burn you bleach

everything and all i need  is at your feet

(Guitar-part I)
mercy - are the licks and the lips of temptation just tricks not for playing

mercy - are you the camera suck gun slut to headphone fuck holes in my being

mercy - are you everything which put the sex into bitch or just faking
do you fake it.
so I celebrate your chemistry if you bond with me i can make your whole world sweet i'm 
my knees

Enjoy !