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The Lords My Shepherd Chords

The Lordís My Shepherd
Written by: William H. Havergal
Tabbed By: Xaxu
Tuning: Standard

I take no credit for this tab. I could not find the 
one who made this tab, credit goes to them.

Info: Key of Ab play chords as if in the key of G. 
Capo: 1 


    G                    C        G                         D7
The Lordís my Shep-herd, Iíll not want, He makes me down to lie.

   G                            C       G         D    G
In pas-tures green, He lead-eth me, The qui-et wa-ters by.


G                  C       G                         D7
My soul He doth re-store a-gain, And me to walk doth make,

     G                          C          G           D      G
With-in the paths of right-eous-ness, Eíen for His own Nameís sake.


[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hymnal/the_lords_my_shepherd_crd.html ]
     G                C            G                          D7
Yea, though I walk in deathís dark vale, Yet will I fear none ill,

    G                         C       G            D    G
For Thou art with me, and Thy rod And staff me com-fort still.


   G                C        G                     D7
My ta-ble Thou hast fur-nish-ed In pres-ence of my foes,

   G                         C          G        D   G
My head Thou dost with oil a-noint, And my cup o-ver-flows.


     G               C      G                          D7
Good-ness and mer-cy all my life Shall sure-ly fol-low me,

    G                        C       G               D     G
And in Godís house for-ev-er-more My dwell-ing place shall be.