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In The Garden Chords

In The Garden
Written by: C. Austin Miles
Tabbed By: Xaxu
Tuning: Standard

I take no credit for this tab. I could not find the 
one who made this tab, credit goes to them.

Info: Key of Ab play chords as if in the key of G. 
Capo: 1


I come to the gar-den a-lone,

          C                   G
While the dew is still on the ros-es,

D7                             G              A7                  D7
And the voice I hear, Fall-ing on my ear, The Son of God dis-clos-es.


       G                     D
And he walks with me, and he talks with me,

       D7                G
And he tells me I am his own,
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hymnal/in_the_garden_crd.html ]
        G      B7          Em     C           G          D7    G
And the joy we share as we tar-ry there, None oth-er has ev-er known.


He speaks, and the sound of his voice

      C                           G
Is so sweet, the birds hush their sing-ing,

        D7               G                A7             D7
And the mel-o-dy That he gave to me, With-in my heart is ring-ing,


I’d stay in the gar-den with him

         C                   G
Tho’ the night a-round me be fall-ing,

D7                           G                 A7             D7
But he bids me go, Thro’ the voice of woe, His voice to me is call-ing.