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Pumpkin for a Ride By Joseph Hussung

My hands they all are blistered 
They work me to the bone
My feet they walk on ashes 
I’m in this world alone

But I try (4x)
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So what’s the use when the world tells you it’s just a game 
A roll of the dice or a spin of the wheel
What’s the use when the world tells you its fairy tails?
Find the show and dance the night away 
I believe that you will save me even though what happened yesterday 
And I believe that you still love me even though I have a
Pumpkin for a ride.

Verse 2
Mice turned into horses
How did you pull this one off?
A pumpkin for a carriage
And at midnight they’re gone.

They’re gone (4x)

Like a dream she will fly away no more to be found 
Banished like a vision of the night 
Because she know someday she will wear a crown