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Forever and a Day By: Joseph Hussung

Verse 1
Kind of hard to tell you how I feel, so clear inside my heart but not easy to reveal
I can’t find the words to tell you now, slippin’ off my tongue and I want to tell you how
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I want to call your name I want to sing all your praises, and I want to see your face and Meet you in the sky
I want to call your name because the price you paid and I want to be with you forever and a day Oh yeah

Nothing I could say could sum it up best, no words could suffice or begin to express what I feel
That even makes it more about you, when I could only show, only show to you how 


Maybe I can’t fully grasp but maybe that’s not ment for me to see
And Maybe it will be just a matter of time until God’s will will be revealed to me.