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                                  “FIGHTIN’ TO BE YOU” By: Joseph Hussung
Verse 1
Here I am here I stand before the threshold of my life
The sun is setting and all I can do is hold on tight.
Hold on tight and yet let go to everything I know
Close my eyes say a prayer and then let go.

And I’m falling. Falling into your arms again.
Trying. Trying to get rid of this foolish sin.
Dieing. Dieing to know what’s in store for me.
Fighting. Fighting to live, fighting to love, fighting to be you.
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Verse 2
As I fall down this path I realize all I’ve done wrong
I feel the wind, breath it in and find something to hold on.
But I don’t grab for it I just let it go 
Fall into your arms and let the praises flow.


I want to hold on to the truth leaving every other behind in the dust. (2x)

Chorus (2x)
Verses Bass Line (E,D,C,B,A)
Chorus (A,G,D,G,A)
Bridge & intro (In Blues rhythm)(Finger picked)

This is during the verses with muting in between the riff like 7 then mute 2 beats then play the next. And all of the notes are played on an upbeat except for the first.

Tell me what you think of it.