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Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill Chords

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From: (Gary Von Colln)

@Song: The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill
Written by Grant Hart
Recorded by Husker Du on album "New Day Rising" (SST)
File format: crd
Transcribed by Gary Von Colln

Riff A


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[Verse 1]

Em                                 C
There's a girl who lives on Heaven Hill.

Em                                 C

(continue Em & C for rest of verse)

I go up to her cabin still.
She keeps a lantern lit for me.
And a bottle up on her mantlepiece



G                           D
She's the girl who lives on Heaven Hill

Em                          C

G                           D
She's the girl who lives on Heaven Hill

[Play Riff A]

[Verse 2]

She's got a big room and it's always a mess
Worn out shoes and a worn out dress
A worn out smile that she'll wear some more
And a worn out welcome mat by the door

[Play Riff A]
[Solo (not tabbed here)]
[Play Riff A]

[Verse 3]

I'd trade big mountains and rooms full of gold
For just one look at the beauty of this woman's soul
Up on Heaven Hill is where I want to be
That girl, that bottle, that matress and me