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All I Got To Lose Is You Chords

This is a brilliant song by an even more brilliant Band, Hüsker Dü, but sadly, the song 
very underrated, since it wasn´t released on any album.
But there are several bootlegs which feature the song. Unfortunally, I haven´t got any 
for the lyrics of the song, so no lyrics with the chords.

Chords used:

   F#m (no 3rd) : 244xxx (or, as used in Chorus x9 11 11 xx)
   Bm (no 3rd) : x244xxx    D : x5777x (or xx0232)
   E : x7999x (or 022100)   A : 577655   C#m (no 3rd) : x466xx


Palm Muted F#m, then Intro Riff:

G-----4-2--4-4---|  followed by F#m Strumming

Verse: Bm D "Intro Riff"
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Chorus: A E F#m (Bob places a quick E after this F#m in here in some recordings) D
        A E "Intro Riff" for several Times

Verse: as above

Chorus: as above

Bridge: E C#m (same changes over the solo)

Solo: see Bridge, play around with the F# Minor Scale if soloing.

Second Bridge: C#m A B x3
               C#m D E x1

Multiple Choruses: as above

Outro: A E F#m (chorus style chord voicing)

That´s it, a great song from Hüsker Dü, I hope you like my tab. If you want me to tab 
any other Hüsker Dü/Sugar/Bob Mould songs, or just want to share your thoughts about their 
feel free to contact me @ .