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Lovestruck Chords

Hush is a danish Band, and this song is heard in the new VW Polo AD.

G                                Am
Every little thing he does is so magic, magic
G                                             Am
And everytime I see his smiling eyes I get so happy, happy
         C        Am       D            G     D7
and it feels just like I'm so in love again

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             G                    Am     
Heaven is a Raindrop falling on a dry spot
            C              D             G
Finally I'm lovestruck and flying high again
   D            G
My mind is in a sweet haze
I'm putting on my black lace
                     C          D            G
I'm longing for your embrace to take me home again

G                                   Am
Find a little place where we can be together, forever
I'll cook you all your favourite things
and dress in leather, whenever
    C       Am       D          G          D7
you call my name I'm so in love again


C                      G
  so many times I have dreamed of you
I get so confused, 
       C          Am       D          G
but it feels just like i'm so in love again