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Monday Afternoon Chords

"Monday Afternoon" by Hurricane #1
Taken from their self titled album

Capo 1st fret

Intro: D - Dmaj7 - G - Gmaj7 - F#m - Em - A7sus4 - A 

   D           Dmaj7
Screaming in the basement,
        G          Gmaj7
Now I'm staring at the moon,
F#m                      Em   A7sus4  A
On the first day of the year
  D        Dmaj7        G      Gmaj7            
Feeling anti-social on a Monday afternoon
F#m                     Em  A7sus4  A
Get on the train and disappear

Bm                     D        Em
As my head starts to unwind
             G       A7sus4    A 
There's a melody I find

And she sings...
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D          Dmaj7               G         Gmaj7
Meet me like before we never cried about the rain
F#m                              Em   A7sus4  A
But now there's something in the way
D          Dmaj7                 G          Gmaj7
Feel me deep inside and help me wash away the pain
F#m                     Em      A7sus4   A
Make the madness drift away

The kind of things were saying
Are the words we always say
When we're on the way back home

We can bleach 'til Wednesday
And I wish that I could stay
But I'd only bring you down

As we arrive you read my mind
And the melody rewinds
And she sings...

Meet me like before we never thought about a thing    
But now there's something in the way
I'm wishing for a wave to come and cover everything
Take our bodies far away

You could always read my mind
You never tell me what you find