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After Hour Chords

   Afterhours, by Hurricane#1
   from the album Only The Strongest Will Survive, released 19th April 1999
   tabbed by kingmokey, lyrics by Scott Mackenzie
   any corrections and suggestions? mail me, or at
   Fmaj7                                      C
   late night or the middle of the afternoon
   Fmaj7                                        C
   half light eating sugar with a table spoon
   Am                                                    Fmaj7
   somethings coming over when i'm all alone
   it's the feeling that i'm all alone
   i slowly see you walking away
   i slowly see you walking away now
   afterhours alone again X2
   chasing after moments that are lost in time
   racing through a ???? that is never mine
   always in love with how you made me feel
   i wonder was it ever real
   i slowly see you walking away
   my life is slowly slipping away......
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