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From: "Jeremy Styron" 
Subject: Tab: "Dreamboat" by "Hum"
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 20:48:08 GMT

Artist: Hum
Song: Dreamboat
Album: Downward is Heavenward

Transcribed by Jeremy Styron

Hi. In lieu of the not hum tabs on this olga thing, 
I'm gonna write some up, probably mostly new stuff, 
but some old enjoy.

Drop D tuning.

  |==very distorted...beginning sounds effects========|
  |=are just hands running up and down the fretboard==|
D |---------------------------------------------------|
A |---------------------------------------------------|
D |--0-0-2-0-2-0-6-s-5-0-0-2-0-2-0-8-s-7-(s down)-------|
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Verse riff:
  |==========distorted here..barely play the rakes=========|
E |-----------------------(x-x)--12-------------------------|
B |-----------------------(x-x)--10--------0-(hold over-----|
G |------------------8-9--(x-x)---9--------0--through clean-| 
D |----9-11-12-11-12-----------------------0--riff)---------|

Verse riff become clean during vocals.

(Intro riff again after 1st verse)

  |==The top part probably guitar 2, these are the basic=|
  |============riffs for that other guitar.==============|
  |==The chords on the 4th, 5th, and 6th strings are=====|
  |==repeated through the chorus each time, you can hear=| 
  |==the chord breaks better as the song progresses.=====|
B |-----7-b~~s6--------------7-6-5-----6-7-6-----10-s~~--|
G |--------------------------------7---------7-----------|
D |--0-x-x--0--4--2--------------------------------------|
A |--0-x-x--0--4--2--------------------------------------|
D |--0-x-x--0--4--2--------------------------------------|

(Distorted verse riff again with some heavy rakes right
 before the verse starts again, then clean)
(Intro riff)
(In the bridge section, the same basic chords as the chords
 are played heavy with a bit more raking)

Band away at this:
D |--0------|
A |--0------|
D |--0------|

A |---------------------------------|
D |--9-8-7-5--(repeat many-a-time)--|

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