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The Last Day Chords

this is a really cool song i wrote for my band in wrexham. its called
The Last Day and is a great ballard. any questions about the song or 
the band contact me at

D          G
So here I am

D           G
Lying in your arms

I hear a whisper

             C        G
I’m only a heartbeat away

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        Em7                          D
But this is the last day, that I’ll look into your eyes

        Em7                          D
This is the last day, we’ll be sayin’ our good-byes

       C                                          D
Even though we’re goin away, one thing that will stay

        G               G/F*                        Em7
Is my love for you, my need for you, the memory of you……

          C                 D                   G
We’ll be far away, but our souls will stay together.