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Here's an acoustic version i made of this killing tune... hope you like it!! sounds great btw ;)

Dm                        C                  Dm                  C
I think I'm here today to take back all the times that I've made mistakes.
             Dm       C             Dm      C                Dm            
I can't sing this for you has to be for myself because you'd see straight 
C                      Dm             A
through and take your ears somewhere else.

Can't say I'm here today to save face. My promises to you are always late.
I've always kept inside a voice I've hidden away from prying eyes, kept shy from standing to sing.
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        Dm                     C                Dm                     C
As this feeling flirts with my bones, the other qualms I had sink like stone.
          F     E     Dm   C        F   E    Dm  C      Dm
And as my faith grows stronger I'll let them all drown alone.   Dm C

My mind is emptying of late, a trend I'd like to help not stay.
I'll always keep my eyes on this road; I know you'd rather that than me moan.

I wrote this song for you, though it's about myself, someone I've seen changing into someone else.


guitar break (haven't figured it out yet :P... probably something on the Dm C scale...)

I need to see that all of me is okay.

It's all okay... 

That's it... it's my first tab! hope you like it.. enjoy! \m/(",)\m/