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Hot Pink Turtle is a Christian band from the early 90s that, IMO, did
not get the exposure that their talents deserved.  They had an incredible
synthesis of 90s grunge and an awesome, laid back groove.  I saw them 
live with Bride at the Wherehouse in Bartlesville, OK.  The show was
incredible.  They were on R.E.X., so I don't where they are now.  Guys?
Are you out there? PLEASE put out another disc. :)

Anyway, this is the main riff for the song.  I think it is pretty accurate.  
I haven't yet figured out the rest of the song, but I wanted to post this 
in the hopes that it will spur along someone with a better ear than mine.

G ------------------
D ------------------
A --7-7-5-7-5-------
E ------------7-6-5-

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This song is copyright by Sonic Chaos (1993).