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Hello there,

I think this resembles the intro to AFTLOAG enough to post it here...it ought to hep at least!

You can play the open E string instead of using that 5th fret E on the 2nd string I suppose, but 
a fretted E gives better tone, imho...but no big deal; in other words, don't fret. I know.

Anyhoo, here 'tis
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/horton_johnny/all_for_the_love_of_a_girl_tab.html ]

Strike a D major along with that final 3 and the song goes from there...someone else has posted
the chords for the song, except that one is in C, instead of the D intro here.

Nice enough tune...Johnny has a great version of it on Hilltop Records (I have it, but I can't 
remember the album title, etc (let me know if your interested and I'll check)...sounds live.