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Breathe From Coma Chords

***I tabbed deciphered this song into Chord form today at work from memory. I know how
to play the 2nd guitar parts and I will TAB then out when I have a guitar handy. But
for now here is the chords. They are probably 80% accurate. I was working this up to
play acousticly with my band. Like I said this is from memory and all comments are
welcome at cops_eat_donuts@hotmail.com. 

*This is the first TAB I have seen for this song*
Breathe From Coma (Chords)
Hopesfall - A Types
Tuning - Standard
TAB Author - Smelly2by4

take and give a look like the sum of 
loving grace and survival beyond the

absolute resolve of portrait perfect 
mortal souls daughters starve their 

waist lines building a reputation 
beyond disguise and painting black 

lucid dreams with open legs 

Em                  F               Em
Notice me I see you breaking stride you dance 
diversions and prototypes 

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hopesfall/breathe_from_coma_crd.html ]
you pull so close to mercy excessive 
touch and steady looks to charm be 

chased until you mastermind your own 


Em                  F               Em
Notice me I see you breaking stride you dance 
diversions and prototypes 

C                    G
tear away the sheets you breathe from 
     Am                   F
coma open to the curse we live to 
      C                          G
sever and portray a life to close the 
                    Am      F
portals to the ones bent on betrayal

A               C
the universe is shaping 
A           C
ample space depleting 
A	      C
caught low in distress 
A             C
on impulse to control 

Not exactly the order, just listen to the song and you can figure out where to play what.
All is 99.9% accurate except for the Bridge. I guessed at it because I can not remember
how to play it exactly from the 15 minutes I spent learning this song last night. Its a
start anyways, enjoy!