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Everywhere But Here Chords

| Artist   : Hope Partlow          |
| Title    : Everywhere But Here   |
| Album    : Who We Are            |
|                                  |
| Tabbed By: dustin7up             |
| Tuning   : Normal {E,A,D,G,B,E}  |
|      	     Capo    {1st Fret}    |

B=x24442 F#=244322
G=320033 E =022100
D=xx0232 C =x32010

         B    G        D              A
It's the last time I'm waiting by the phone,
            B      G         D   A
It's been a lonely love with you.
            B     G         D             A
And for the first time I'll make it on my own,
             B       G       D
I'll give my love to someone new.
   A       G               F#
To someone who deserves it more than you.

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hope_partlow/everywhere_but_here_crd.html ]
       B         G                     D       A
Honey, you don't know what you've been missing,
                 B          G   D          A
You shoulda been kissing on me, kissing on me.
F#     B         G                     D      A
Honey, you don't know 'cause you won't listen,
                G                             F#
You're gonna be missing me, dear, missing me, dear,
                        B    G D
When I'm everywhere but here.

A         B    G         D               A
I'm gonna take down your pictures on the wall,
         B          G       D   A
Cuz it's all that's left of you.
          B     G        D               A
I used to break down but now your little doll,
          B        G     D    A
Is just a girl you never knew.



G   A       B       A     D
You say you want me back, yeah.
G   A       B                 G
You say you need me, need me, yeah.
    A        B        A
But it's too late for that.
  C           F#
Believe me. Believe me.