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George Washington Tab

I was sent this tab a couple of dayz ago and i neva actually got round to putting this
tab on here so, im doin it now! Unfortuantly i saved the addy and then deleted the
e-mail and then suddenly realised that i needed the e-mail so that i could put it on
here or forward the e-mail on to the guy who sent me the tab,so sorry bout that(to
evry1 but mainly the guy hu sent me the tab)howeva i can still help if u hav ne probz!
c ya xxx


-----------------------------------------------------E  x2

D Bm
I am burning in a smoke-choked house but
D Bm
Tonight is empty of warm glows and whispered good nights
D Bm
Riot, disorder. Set the banks on fire.
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D, Bm, A, G (REPEAT x4)

D Bm
Some old war song used to play here
D Bm
Once I heard it and the sound it made was sad but hopeful
D Bm
Stand up be counted, no-ones buying me

D, Bm, A, G (REPEAT x4)


And that looks like thats it, ive been told that the timing is out in the odd places
and thats true but its nothing serious, if u hav ne probs e-mail is
in_your_world@hotmail.co.uk or rhcp_3454@hotmail.com but i cant remember last time
i used it and if u were the guy who sent me this e-mail can u send ur e-mail addy
back to me so that ive got it handy thanx!! :D