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Fool By Hootie and the Blowfish

(tabbed by randell@heinous.music.uiowa.edu)
(Corrected by mcallist@dcs.gla.ac.uk Grant McAllister)
(my hootie page http://www.dcs.gla.ac.uk/~mcallist/)

Intro: G-D (with riff A, two times)

G (**)
Saw you last night
You were sleeping in my mind
G                             Fmaj7
Doubting you'll ever be free again
Then I climbed back inside
Someone open my eyes
To find me drunk again
Bonnie on the radio, and she was singing low
G (add Riff B)
"Give it up or let me go"
Every night there is one more
Every night there is two more
Saying I shouldn't be feeling this pain
I think I better grow up now or go insane

C               D
There's so much I feel
G       D/F#            Em
So much I conceal
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C                          D
There's just so many things I can be

Someone write the story of 5 points
No one wanted to know me
Now they all have opinions of what we do
So they go down to Bar None so we can have a drink or two
Can't write a story from the trees
I know somewhere she's watching me
Saying "Boy carry your load"
Oh I don't want to go back on the road now

(chorus twice)
There's so much I feel
So much I conceal
There's just so many places to see
And faces I can read
C                          D
There's just so many things I can be

(play intro to end)

Riff A
e -------------------|----------------------------|
B ------8------------|-----8--7-------------------|
G ---/7--------------|--/7---7--------------------|
D -------------------|----------------------------|
A -------------------|----------------------------|
E -------------------|----------------------------|

Riff B
e --3-------5--3---3--|---1--------3-1---1--------|
B --3------------3----|---1------------1----------|
G --4-----------------|---2-----------------------|
D --5-----------------|---3-----------------------|
A --5-----------------|---3-----------------------|
E --3-----------------|---1-----------------------|
  (play this the last time)
e --1---3-1---3-1---3-1-----|
B --1-------1-----1-----1---|
G --2-----------------------|
D --3-----------------------|
A --3-----------------------|
E --1-----------------------|