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Desert Mountain Showdown Chords

Nice Bluegrass-ish tune from the 'Musical Chairs' Album for all redneck wannabes out there
Album track is played relatively slow but live they turn it up several notches. Best to 
slow and work your speed up. Listen to the track for the timing.

During the Chorus and bridge there are some minor steel guitar licks mixed with the 
and violin but I havent put them on here. They are relatively simple (3-4 notes just as the 
riff ends) so if someone wants to add them later then feel free. Alternatively 
you can just 'wing it' like I tend to do.

Main Riff:

   G                                F  C  G

Chorus Chords: Am  C  G

Verse 1 - Play Main Riff throughout
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hootie_and_the_blowfish/desert_mountain_showdown_crd.html ]
Robin, Robin in the tree
Wont you come down here and rescue me
Cause theres someplace else I gotta be
And you can stand in for me for a while
Come on now hurry down
No time to play around
I need someone to walk this mile
She jumped and said like a child

Chorus 1

Am                 C       G(Main Riff)
Love is gone but now I see
Am                          C
You've got to capture me to set me free

Verse 2 - Main Riff throughout

Miss Mina came to me in a dream
She said, boy come and walk with me
Theres someplace else Ive gotta see
So we strolled along the mountain high
She called me boy my friend
And I wondered if or even when
Id see Greta and my Rose again
The time has come for dealing

Chorus 2:

Am                   C        G(Main Riff)
Lessons learned and now I see
               Am           C           G(Main riff x 2)
You've got to capture me to set me free


Am             C           G(Main Riff)
       And I flew on the wings of a bird
        Am                C      (Main Riff)
And I whispered names of girls I once knew
          Am           C         (Main Riff)  Am   C 
Then she disappeared into a fallen stream

Verse 1 (Just play the Chords without the riff for this one G F C G)

Chorus 1

Chorus 2

End - Main Riff x 2