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Johnny B Chords

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Johnny B
By the Hooters
From the album "One Way Home"


A  F  G  A  F  G  A


       A         C           A            C
It's a sleepless night she's calling your name
       A      C      A            C
It's a lonely ride I know how you want her
D         F            D         F
Again and again you're chasing a dream yeah
    A         C            D            F
But Johnny my friend she's not what she seems

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       A      F                G
Johnny B  how much there is to see
     A         F         G         A
Just open your eyes  and listen to me
         A        F                    G
Straight ahead  a green light turns to red
   A             F    G         A
Oh why can't you see  oh Johnny B

verse 2:

And when you drive her home and she's sittin' real close
Does she make you weak well that's the way that she wants you
You're strung out again She's taken you over
You've been here before why can't you let go


A (hammer on C)
A (hammer on C)


A  F  C  F  D

Then the rest is the same as the chorus

verse 3:

And when she calls your name my sweet Johnny B
You can drive all night and you know she'll be waiting
To love you again her kiss is her poison
Forever inside you wherever you go

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