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From: Markus Jakobsson FIN 
Subject: (fwd) TAB:"Engine 999" by The Hooters

Hello all Hooters fans out there, and especially to Johnny Disobidience(Thanks
for adding me to the mailing list). Here is a transcription of "Engine 999",
from the "One Way Home" album. As usual I forgot to bring the CD booklet, so
I can't type in any lyrics, and as usual I don't claim to have perfect pitch
or anything. This is how I play it. If you find any particularily embarrasing
mistakes, mail me and let me know!:) (I won't mind if you mail me if you find
it useful either.:))

ENGINE 999 by The Hooters.
Transcribed by Markus Jakobsson.

This is actually quite a simple song. There is one riff for the verse, and 
one for the chorus (with only minor variations). And then the rythm for the
solo part, and that's it.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hooters/engine_999_tab.html ]
Intro/verse riff.
  C      Csus4  C      Csus2  C/E   Csus4/E C/E   Csus2/E C/A   Csus4/A

 C/A           G5     Gsus4   G    Gsus4 G

There, play that a few times, and then go to the chorus.

Chorus riff.
  C5           G5      G6 G5 Am       Asus2 F    Gsus4 G

Play that two times the first chorus, a few more times in later choruses.
Listen to the record.

Err, I discover now that I've forgotten to write the solo rythm part down.
It shouldn't be too hard to figure it out. The chords should be Am, G, and F
in the first part, and then C, F, and G the second.(Not 100% though) I'll 
try to remember to send in a completion later.(sorry) Hope you find it 
useful anyway.


  "Look to the heavens and see it shine.
   Heals the sick and leads the blind.
   Tune it in and hear it say.
   It's counting down to judgement day."
            -The Hooters-