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From: Mary E Mooney 


Intro: E A B A E
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       E            A          B          A       E
Once a girl took my love until I couldn't give anymore
       E            A          B          A          E
Then I tried to pretend not to see what I couldn't ignore
E       A          B     A
My girl don't love me at all
E       A          B     A
My girl don't love me at all
E       A          B     A
My girl don't love me at all, anymore

I took her to the dance and then I didn't see her all night
Then a friend said he saw her with some other boy just outside
       E        A        B              E        A          B
When I went out she was alone, she said "I would like to go home"
           E             A    B             A
And I said "Who were you with", she said "Noone"
E        A            B     A
I could tell that she lied...and a voice said inside
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