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Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 23:06:51 +1100
From: Russell & Charlie 
Subject: PRO: h/hoodoo_gurus/like_wow_-_wipeout

Song: Like Wow - Wipeout
By: Hoodoo Gurus
Album: Electric Soup
Transcribed by: Russell Edwards roemcs@melb.alexia.net.au

Verse 1:
[NC] I kiss the ground on which you [E]walk [A] [E]
[NC] I kiss the lips through which you [E]talk [A] [E]
[NC] I kiss the city of New [B]York [A]
Where I first met [E]you [A] [E]

Verse 2:
You're my doll and don't forget it
'Cause I'm the guy who will regret it
I love you more than when I said it
When I first met you
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[NC] I love the way you [E]talk [D] [E]
You [E]walk [D] [E]
Your [E]smile [D] [E]
Your [E]style [D] [E]
Like [A]now [G] [A]
Like [A]wow [G] [A]
Wipe[E]out [D] [E]
No [E]doubt [D] [E]
But [F# no 3rd]I was gone the mo[A no 3rd]ment I laid eyes[E] [A]on

Verse 3:
You'll never be a beauty queen
Won't feature in no magazine
But you're the best that's ever been
I'm glad that I met you

Verse 4:
Take every day now as it comes
You take the cake, I'll keep the crumbs
I only hear the sound of drums, in my heart
That means that I get you

I love the way you talk
You walk
Your smile
Your style
Your dress
Your caress
Why yes, yes, yes, yes
I'm impressed
And I was gone the moment I laid eyes on you

[E] [A] [E]
[E] [A] [E]
[A] [D] [A]
[E] [A] [E]
[B] [G] [A]

Comment: Shift up one tone for last chorus & outro

I love the way you [F#]talk [E] [F#]
You [F#]walk [E] [F#]
Your [F#]smile [E] [F#]
Your [F#]style [E] [F#]
Like [B]now [A] [B]
Like [B]wow [A] [B]
Wipe[F#]out [E] [F#]
No [F#]doubt [E] [F#]
That [Ab no 3rd]was gone the mo[B no 3rd]ment I laid [F#]eyes on [E]you
[F#] [E] [E]
I laid eyes on you	x 2

[F#] [E]	Repeat
[F#] [B] [F#]