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Death Defying Chords

Intro---   D   Em   G x4
Ever [D]since the world [Em]began [G   D](oowie)
Men have [D]sailed foreign [Em]land [G   D](oowie)
And the [D]fortune that they've [Em]found [G   D](oowie)
Is now [D]buried in the [Em]ground. [G   D](oowie)

Some would say the ocean roars (oowie)
As it stumbles to the shore (oowie)
But to me it only sings (oowie)
Of the sorrow that it brings. (oowie)
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[A]All my friends are dead
Or they're [G]dying [D]
[A]Empty laughter turns into [G]crying [D]
It's death-[G]defying [D   A]

Well, I barely learned to swim, (oowie)
Just enough to save my skin. (oowie)
Now I'll never sail alone, (oowie)
And my harbour is my home. (oowie)

All our friends are dead
Or they're dying,
And our laughter turns into crying,
It's death-defying.

If there's one thing that I've learned, (oowie)
It's the point of no return (oowie)
And if that's to be our fate (oowie)
Now's no time to hesitate. (oowie)
Now's no time to hesitate
Now's no time to hesitate