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If I Were You Chords

most of these chords should really be played barred, although they sound ok in root.
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A           C#m          A          C#m
You seem to find the dark, when everything is bright
A            C#m                 G            F#m
You look for all that's wrong, instead of all that's right
A         C#m           A         C#m
Does it feel good to you? To rain on my parade
A       C#m           G              F#m
You never say a word, unless it's to complain...
G               D 
It's driving me insane

A         E                G                 D 
If I Were You, holding the world right in my hands.
A                   E                G                    D 
The first thing I'd do, is thank the stars for all that I am...
If I Were You

and so on ...