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Texas Angel Tab

This is my first post, so if you have any better ideas, or know another way to play it 
me know. This is how we play it, it sounds pretty accurate. email me with any suggestions 

Intro- listen to the song for the rythem
Am  F#m  D

Intro solo-

first verse-
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/honeybrowne/texas_angel_tab_ver_2.html ]
Am                                                        F#m
when im sitting here all alone, wondering where you are. And the thoughts
of you spin on my head like, wheels on a car. and i wish you were beside
me, dreaming up at the stars. well the times we had together, well they
just blew me away, and i think about your soft green eyes, every single
              D                                             Am
 day. How my plans for us just seem to fall, fade into the night.

D                       Am    F#m                     Am      D
I guess i didnt see it comin, how could i have been so blind. And when i
               Am       F#m                         E
cry myself to sleep, i wonder, do i ever cross your mind?

Am                                                                   F#m
So wont you smile for me my texas angel, it'll be allright. You just lay
your head beside me, dream of me tonight. And i promise ill watch over you,
till the morning light.

2nd Verse- (same chord progression as the first)

Now im, headed back to the west coast, looking for my soul. Trying to mend the peices of 
years before. And the ocean takes my pain away, as it comes rolling shore. So when you 
me walking down the street, baby dont turn away, i just wanna see your smilin face,
looking my way. And i never want to see you go.. see you go awwaaaayyyyyyyy.


i think this is pretty accurate, it sounds good at least. email me with any questions--