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Version: 3 Type: Chords

Bullet Chords

Standard Tuning: EADGBe

Capo on 2

Intro: D Am G F C

D                                                Am
My legs are dangling off the edge
The bottom of a bottle is my only friend

I think I'll slit my wrists again and I'm
F          C         F          C
Gone, gone, gone, gone

D                                                Am
My legs are dangling off the edge
A stomach full of pills didn't work again

I'll put a bullet in my head and I'm
F          C         F          C
Gone, gone, gone, gone

D                                          Am
Gone to far yea I'm gone again

It's gone on to long tell you how it ends
I'm sitting on the edge with my two best friends
F                                                         C
Ones a bottle of pills and ones a bottle of gin.

D                                                           Am
I'm twenty stories up, yea up at the top

I've polished off this bottle now it's pushin' me off
Asphalt to me, has never looked so soft
F                                                           C
I bet my momma found my letter, now she's calling the cops

D                                                                    Am
I've gotta take this opportunity before I miss it
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'Cause now I hear the sirens and there off in the distance
Believe me when I tell you that I've been persistent
'Cause I'm more scarred, more scarred then my wrist is

I've been trying to long with too dull of a knife
But tonight I made sure, that I sharpened it twice
I've never brought a suit before in my life
But when you go to meet god you know you wanna look nice

So if I survive then I'll see you tomorrow
Yea I'll see you tomorrow...

(Chorus 2X)

D                                                    Am
We hit the sky, there goes the light

No more sun, why's it always night
When you can't sleep, well you can't dream
F                                                C
When you can't dream well, what's life mean?

D                                      Am
We feel a little pity but don't empathize

The old are getting old, watch a young man die
A mother and her son, and someone you know
F                                            C
Smiles at each other and realize you don't

D                                                                   Am
You don't know what happened to that kid you raised

What happened to that father, who swore he'd stay
I didn't know 'cause you didn't say
F                                           C
Now momma feels guilt, yea momma feels pain

D                                                                       Am
When you were young, you never thought you'd die

Found that you could but too scared to try
Looked in the mirror and you said goodbye
F                                        C
Climbed to the roof to see you if could fly

So if I survive then I'll see you tomorrow
Yea, I'll see you tomorrow...

(Chorus 2x)