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Mrs Jones Chords

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Mrs.Jones -Hole

tabbed by: Chrissy Fraser  

Tab Definition: 
/ denotes a slide
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hole/mrs_jones_crd.html ]
I kinda came across this by accident as well. I was trying to write 
something of my own and some how ended up with this. This has been 
happening to me ALL the time lately...... weird huh? Again I haven't 
included the speed and all that but if you've heard the song you 
probably know that it's just strumming the chords really fast. It's 
easy to hear. And also once again I haven't included the power chord 
names cause I don't know them :) All I can say is POST MORE STUFF FROM 
PRETTY ON THE INSIDE!!! As usual my requests are ignored *sigh*......
Also, if anybody has the rest of this could you send it to me? That 
would be really great cause this is just the main riff. You can play 
with it a bit. For a SLIGHT variation you can try sliding up to the 
power chords instead of just playing them straight. It still sounds 
pretty much the same though.


Tuning: Regular (eBGDAE)

Power Chords:


e:------------    Slide back down to 6 and keep repeating this   
B:------------                       6
G:------------                       4
D:-3-3-3/-----    riff until the chorus. All the verses in this
A:-3-3-3/-----    song are exactly the same. Just this riff
E:-1-1-1/-----    pretty simple huh?

Well that's it for now. I'll post the rest when I figure it out. Sorry 
that the l yrics aren't easier to read. I didn't put any periods or 
anything in there so they might be a bit hard to follow.