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From: FateGrinder 

Asking For It - Live Through This

First of all, thanks to Anthony Tong for the partial TAB, which helped me
out a little..

This song is pretty darn easy, only catch is it's in dropped-D tuning. (For
all you newbies, tune your low E string down two frets. i.e. 7th fret 6th
string should be the same tone as open 5th string)

The song starts with what sounds like a 12th fret harmonic on the 4th string..
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hole/asking_for_it_tab.html ]
Here's the main four chords.. pick 'em, strum 'em, distort 'em..
  D   C   A   G

this is that really low part ("Was she asking.."):
  F      E D#  D

the second part of the song goes like this: ("Live through this.."):
  D   C   F   D

Ok, I have a question for you guitar gurus out there. Any ideas on how to get
that awesome distortion sound that's behind the chorus of Miss World and/or
the second guitar on Plump?

Paul Scheidt / Fate Grinder - wzombie@netcom.com