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ARTIST:  Will Hoge
Album:  Carousel


D                 A
i remember as the seasons turned to fall 

D                                                G                         A
wind was sitting and the leaves fell a hinting a sign of the near winter's ball 

D                                                   G                     A
chill in the air as i strolled down the front steps looking for a tale to tell 

         D            C          D            C         D       G           A
then she slipped me a stare as i slid into my chair she already knew me too well 
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she said hello in that beautiful voice my reply was nowhere as sweet 
she seemed impressed by the state of my mess laughed at the wings on my feet 
offered me a cigarette and before i could even refuse 
we were standing alone she was chilled to the bone she told me to sing the blues 


G   D         G      D      G         D         A
hey hey now i feel alright and i just wanted to see 

G  D     G  D       G      D            A       D
if i may if i might be the king of your world tonight 

VERSE 3					
so i told her of the books i'd read and details about the time 
i stole 6 dollars from a man named jed just to turn around and pay him back 
i quoted my favorite poem but i ended it terribly wrong 
she said i understand then she clapped both her hands and said that's my favorite song 


just then a man walked in and took her away she said her sweet goodbye 
i'll see you again some day so it was over and i was standing there all alone 
and i said to myself as i dusted my shelf this time i think it was love