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Not That Cool Chords

TITLE:  Not That Cool 

Excuse me

A      Bm7      G
Do you have the time

            D         A               Bm7           G
'Cause I've been here waiting since a quarter after nine
          D        A             Bm7           G
And it is not true love that I'm hoping I will find

       D               A                     A       D
No the truth is that I just don't want to be alone tonight

D                A
My how your eyes sparkle

         Bm7            G
Have you heard that one before

              D              A               Bm7               G
'Cause if you have don't you worry I know at least one million more
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         D              A               Bm7                G
Like the one about your father stealing stars out of the sky

         D                      A                     
And if I could buy you just one more drink I think I'd have the strength to tell these lies

G           Bm
And it must feel so fine

                G          Bm
To get what you want every time

E                           A
I would if I were more like James Dean

G            D 
Then I could walk right up to you

G       D                 G
And say hello how do you do

F#M        Bm7       Bm        A
Then you'd come back home with me

             D                 G
But I'm just not that cool you see

         D                 A 
I'm just not that cool you see

So for now I'll just sit here and wait alone
And hope that maybe you'll say hello
As the night just creeps along
And I don't want to know about the clothes you wear
I want to see you in the morning with the sunlight through your hair