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Better Off Now That Youre Gone Chords

TITLE:  Better Off Now (That You're Gone) 
ARTIST:  Will Hoge
ALBUM:  Blackbird On A Lonely Wire



F        C      G            F          C           G
I threw away a lifetime you laughed and called it a sin

F           C          G                       G           C          G
There ain't ever gonna be a way to work it out not after a night like this

F         C       G                F        C           G     
I've been waiting on your call now just the silence and me

F          C          C                        F            C         G
I know you want me to chase you around but I'm so tired of asking you please

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    C                      F                         G
I'm through with this I'll forget your kiss and move on

                 C                     F                   G
There will be no sleepless nights I'll be alright from now on

    F          C               G
I'm better off now that you're gone

F          C               G     
Better off now that you're gone

You put me so far down girl I couldn't even stand on my own
Ghosts of you would come back to me whenever I was alone
Now the candles have all burned out and the doors are locked and chained
Have no doubts this time I've figured out a way to end all these games


Dm                 G                 Dm                G
Nights filled with empty bottles and picking up broken glass

Dm                 G                   F                Am                    G
Well I should have known from the very first night that this just would never last