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All Night Long Chords

TITLE:  All Night Long 
ARTIST:  Will Hoge
ALBUM:  Blackbird On A Lonely Wire

INTRO:  For the intro I just play the 6th string 
on the 3rd fret. Listen to cd for timing


Katie's got a new dress she wears too tight

Her daddy said no but her momma said it's alright

Let 'em fuss and fight

D                                       Em    D C
She don't care what they say's right or wrong

            Bd       C         G     
She's gonna stay out all night long
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Bd  C     G     Bd C G
All night long

She don't care about books or school
No she just wants to rock and roll baby she's no fool
You're so cool (REPEAT CHORUS)

C                                               G    C G 
Well I know the way you feel now baby can't you see

C                                                Em     D     C G
Well I know the way you want your little tangled web to weave

Black lipstick she got a fake I.D.
You know the one that says Ms. Jones is turning 23
Oh baby take a look and see  (REPEAT CHORUS)