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The Carnie Song Chords

The Carnie Song

By Hoganz Goat


(Verse 1)
G	      D	   C		      D		     G
Wake up, it's 4 am I grab some cotton candy (cotton candy)
G		D		C		D		G
Working for the carnival, yeah my life's pretty dandy (pretty dandy)
G		D		C		 D	         G
There's Mila the Yak Woman, and Vera the Bearded Lady (Bearded Lady)
G			D		       C		       D	       G
And there goes Tito the World's Strongest Man, but I think he's rather shady (rather shady)
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G	D		 C	 D		G
Cuz I'm guessin people's weight, spreadin pixie dust
G	       D        C	       D	G
Makin sure the carousel never collects no rust
G     D          C 	    D		G
I got lots of tattoos and I sleep in a tent
G	            D	       C	  D		
I move from town to town never payin…..no rent

(Verse 2)
G	 D	       C	    D	       G
Well my girlfriend's a midget, her name is Delilah (name is Delilah)
G	  D	       C             D		G
She gets shot out of a cannon and she makes me smila (makes me smila)
G		D		      C	     D	             G
The highlight of the freak show, is our son Brian (our son Brian)
G	     D	         C            D		      G
He's got an extra set of toes growin out of…..his behi-eei-eei-eei-eeind


G	     D	    C     D  G		D		 C	       D     G
Cuz it's the Carnie Song, 1998, guess I'll go back to my trailer maybe masturbate-whoo!