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Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 09:49:52 -0500
From: DC Robison 
Subject: h/hockey_block/2_d.crd

album: hockey block, their debut album
written by griff

transcribed by aaron robison

little to moderate distortion

Intro- Just mess around with Am-E7/Em

G7                C
I live in a two demensional world,
G7                 G
I can walk left, I can walk right.
G7                                    C    
Here comes an evil-looking pixel mass,
G7                   G                       C
I can choose to run or choose to fight.

There is a coin, up on a platform high,
I must dare the deadly climb.
If I am to get one hundred of these,
An extra life will be mine!

Am                        E7
I don't have a lot of options, you see,
G                               D       C
Living in a world that's only 2-D.
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The scenery is nice, but its always the same-
Mostly hills fences and trees.
At first its nice, but after a while,
You'll soon get tired of these, but

You don't have a lot of choices, you see,
Living in a world that's only 2-D.

Interlude-just bang around from Am to C and back a few times

Am                  G             D                          C
I used to live in reality with three demensions, too.
C            G     D         Am               E7
I used to be a human, just like lots of you.
Am                           G                            D                
But a video addiction caused my fate, and I live inside a T.V.
C                 D                  G                          Am     E7  
So don't get caught in that video scam or you'll end up like me-

1st---{7-7-9-7-9-11-             {-7-7-9-7-9-12-11-9-11-7-} {-7-7-9-7-9-11-
2nd--                      7-7-8-7}                                        

And you don't have a lot of choices, you'll see
Living in a world that is only 2-D.